Support for local faith groups

Faith communities across Scotland play a key role in supporting and enabling two-way integration at a local level. However, it can sometimes be challenging to identify how refugees can be supported effectively. We often receive questions from faith communities asking: Who are the newcomers in our area, what are their aspirations and what role can we play to offer support? How can we connect with our local authority resettlement teams? How can we offer support if there are no refugees living in our area?

Applying the principles of community development we can help you explore these questions, as well as how to utilise the resources and skills you have as a local group to engage with newcomers in your community. There might already be local faith communities in your area doing this work who we can link you up with as well.

Ways we can help:

  • Awareness-raising: If you are thinking of engaging with New Scots for the first time we’d be happy to come and speak with you about the situation of refugees in Scotland and refugee integration. Our experienced and knowledgeable speakers are able to travel to your community or hold online awareness-raising events and introduce these topics. We provide this service free of charge.
  • Capacity building: Link in with our Faithful Welcome project in partnership with Faith in Community Scotland. We can offer one-to-one support and capacity building, networking opportunities and support with funding. Find out more here.
  • Training: We are able to support you with training on topics like engaging with refugees, working across cultures and faiths, and specifics on safeguarding to consider.
  • Resourcing: have a look at our resources page to find our guide for Scottish faith groups called Sanctuary in Scotland and much more.
  • Events: We also organise larger events to equip faith communities and celebrate the contributions of refugees and asylum seekers. To find out more follow us on social media or get in touch.
  • With thanks to ACTS we have been able to employ David Moodie as Churches Support Officer who is able to support churches wishing to work with Ukrainians. Get in touch with David via
  • And of course we continue to offer ad hoc advice to faith groups who have one-off questions or concerns. Please just get in touch.