The United Nations High Commission for Refugees now estimates there are over 82 million people around the world that have been forced to flee their homes.

Global refugee emergencies are a reality of our planet, with a growing population putting pressures on land and resources, economic and political instability and climate change. 

Faith groups are global networks that have local community roots.   Scotland’s own story of religious diversity as well as in- and out- migration over the years gives our society unique insights into other places in the world as well as a commitment to stand in solidarity with those seeking and providing aid in other places.

Some of our member organisations have connections with:

  • Work in Northern France around Calais, for people seeking sanctuary in the UK.
  • Search and rescue in the Mediterranean, especially around Spain, Italy, Malta and Greece.
  • Work supporting the integration of people seeking sanctuary in Egypt and Italy, for example St. Andrew’s Refugee Service in Cairo. 
  • Calls for freedom of religion and belief especially in countries where there is discrimination or prejudice against minority religions
  • Faith based organisations working in refugee emergency situations in and around the conflict in Syria and Sudan.