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These are key values across all of our faith traditions. When faith groups reach out to support refugees and people seeking sanctuary, we do so because of the values that underpin our faiths.

SFAR have created numerous worship resources to assist faith groups in reflecting on themes of refuge, migration, and sanctuary in the light of our values. Our resources have primarily been focused on Christian traditions, but we are always happy to promote and explore the creation of resources from other faith traditions.

Our Resources

God With Us

God With Us is a set of free worship resources on the theme of refugees, migration and sanctuary. Within the booklet, you will find material for prayer and worship relating to the theme of refugees. We offer it as inspiration for people looking for ideas. It contains Bible studies that could be used to aid reflection in public worship or by small groups. There are also offerings of prayers for intercession, thanksgiving and for special occasions. We make suggestions for hymns, songs, chants and music that could be appropriate. There are ideas for children’s talks, school assemblies or group discussion activities. And, throughout, we share personal stories and poetry – which we invite you to use for your own personal devotion or as part of a church service.

Stand up for Sanctuary (Sanctuary Sunday 2024)

Stand up for Sanctuary is our worship resource based on the lectionary readings for 23 June 2024. It contains Biblical reflections, prayers, and also practical next steps for how to start support refugees.

The title is inspired by 1 Samuel 17, the story of David and Goliath. When all others hid in fear, a young shepherd boy found the courage to stand up to the giant. This story reflects the bravery and courage that refugees show every day, and it is also a challenge for us all to stand up for our values of hospitality and welcome.

We are hugely grateful to our contributors including:

  • Jo Love and Catriona Milligan, Gorbals Parish Church
  • Anna-Claar Thomasson-Rosingh, volunteer chaplain at Dungavel Immigration Detention Centre
  • Members of the Salaam team at Edinburgh City Mission
  • Fiona Kendall, European & Legal Affairs Advisor at FCEI-Mediterranean Hope

Stand up for Sanctuary can be accessed here.

The God who sees me (Sanctuary Sunday 2023)

Together with refugees, asylum seekers and local churches we produced a worship resource for Sanctuary Sunday 2023 based on the story of Hagar found in Genesis 21. It focuses on Hagar’s story as a woman driven from her home, and how God met her in her suffering. ‘The God who sees me’ offers individuals and congregations a range of suggested material which can be used to develop worship for Sunday services. In it you will find reflections on bible passages, sermon ideas, personal stories, all-ages activities and creative ideas to express lament and hope.

Download our 2023 resource ‘The God who sees me’. Click here for a web content version.

Other Resources

Sanctuary: The Hospitality of Host, Guest and Stranger (CTBI)

Revd Dr Inderjit Bhogal and Dr Jayme R Reaves have produced a resource to support individual Christians, Church communities and ecumenical groups in reflecting on the significance of sanctuary for our times. Titled Sanctuary: The Hospitality of Host, Guest and Stranger, it offers reflections, prayers and ideas for action, which can be downloaded here.