Get involved

A big part of our day-to-day work is helping individuals, faith groups and communities work out what it is they can do to help in response to issues they hear about affecting asylum seekers, refugees or migrants. 

We have set out five different areas of activity that you might want to consider.  If five sounds like a lot then why not pick the one or two which seem best for you or your group?

If you have any questions please get in touch, we are here to help and we have lots of experience and ideas.  We’d love to hear from you.

With Refugees Scotland

With Refugees Scotland is our network of local faith groups that have committed to working to support sanctuary and hospitality to asylum seekers, refugees and migrants, and to support humanitarian work globally.  We ask With Refugees Scotland groups to undertake work which is practical and which is spiritual – so that could be a fund-raiser and a special remembering of refugee issues in prayers.   Find out more about what is involved and who our current members are.

Call for change

Many of the injustices and suffering happens because of economic imbalance, climate change or political views which have hardened towards refugees and migrants in recent years.  Getting involved in campaigning, lobbying or advocacy can be a way to help influence the future direction of policy.

Promote sanctuary

Building a culture of empathy and understanding across community and society will help build long term foundations for the future.  This is a goal that is shared by many people, regardless of their religion or belief.  The concept of ‘sanctuary’ however has its roots in Jewish and Christian tradition and practice as a place where strangers are offered safety and protection.  Find out what you can do to support this work.   

Give money or fundraise

For those that are able, giving or fundraising can be the most effective way to help people in the most need.  We work with on a number of projects and have a range of partners in Scotland and internationally and are happy to help explain this work to help you decide where to give.

Meet refugees

 Personal encounter and building friendships is often much more effective at teaching us new understanding, rather than just being aware of issues.  As refugee numbers are increasing in Scotland, there are increasing opportunities to offer direct support and relationship with individuals.  Or you might want to find out more about other organisations working to bring people together and promote good integration of New Scots.