Stop hotspot approach, create safe passages

15th European Asylum Conference Issues Declaration

Stop hotspot approach, create safe passages

The Churches´ Commission for Migrants in Europe 15th European Asylum Conference took place in Greece 15-20 Oct.. Their declaration is now available in full HERE

There are four keys points:

– An end to the hotspot approach both in its current form and as a blueprint for a future EU asylum regime

– Immediate transfer of asylum seekers from the islands to the Greek mainland and an immediate improvement of the reception conditions on the islands as a shared responsibility of European and Greek authorities

– An end to externalisation of EU asylum policy and instead establishment of a true Common European Asylum System based on high standards in reception and procedure, access to procedure and true sharing of responsibility between all parties

– Establishment of ways of safe passage into Europe for protection and other reasons, e.g. family reunification or labour migration1

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