Inspiring video series launched

Scottish Faiths Action for Refugees and Faith in Community Scotland launch their inspiring new video series today!

Journeys of Faith and Welcome are a series of videos produced to celebrate the stories of New Scots and faith communities, and the role faith has played in their journeys of seeking, finding and offering sanctuary.

A total of 4 videos (with 2 more to come) showcase the work of two churches who have journeyed with refugees and people seeking asylum for the last number of years, and the personal stories of a Christian and Muslim woman seeking refuge in Scotland and finding hope and belonging in their faith and local churches.

Faith groups are at the heart of their communities and real places of trust, hope, friendship, support and belonging for many people seeking sanctuary in Scotland. Faith is the cornerstone of the lives of many New Scots and helps create resilience and endurance when all else is lost. We hope these videos will inspire people across Scotland to play their part in building welcoming and cohesive communities as well as encourage people in their faith and role of welcoming the stranger.

One of the contributors, Gabi from Mossvale Community Church, shares the following about their work: “Psalm 24 that says ‘The earth is the Lord’s everything in it; the world and all its people belonged to Him’, so we just really wanted to welcome people and create that nice, friendly, welcoming space for anyone.”

Sawsan from Syria shares about the welcome she received at Central Church: “Tricia [church volunteer] helped me a lot, she was always there for me. We consider her as our Scottish granny. My children love to call her ‘Scottish Granny’ and I call her my ‘Scottish Mum’. Because she cares a lot about us and, you know, only mum can care that much. I feel that there is lots of love here, you know?”

We encourage communities across Scotland to show these videos in their local contexts, as part of worship services, events, discussion groups or prayer meetings.

The videos to come will showcase the work of a local mosque in Glasgow and another personal story of a person seeking safety.

You can view all four videos below:

Central Church has been welcoming New Scots since Syrian and Kurdish families first started arriving in Edinburgh in 2015.
Philomena is from Central Africa, seeking asylum in Scotland and lives in Glasgow. She speaks powerfully about the struggles people seeking asylum face in Scotland, including the times spent in isolating contingency hotels and the ban on being allowed to work.
Mossvale Community Church is a local church in Paisley, Renfrewshire which set up a project called ‘Sewing2Gether All Nations’ for members of the refugee and asylum seeker community, primarily supporting women who wish to practise English and build new friendships.
Saowsan came to Scotland from Iraq with her children and lives in the South of Glasgow. As many others, she found a warm and safe welcome in Castlemilk Community Church which really helped her and her family settle in to their new life in Scotland. Her Muslim faith is important to her.

We are grateful to our film producer Ross Ferrier from Analog Film.