Actions with refugees

We are exploring the possibility of volunteer opportunities.

Paul Jeffrey / WCC

An Afghan refugee boy heads a ball in a children’s play area provided by volunteers in the Hauptbahnhof railroad station in Vienna, Austria, where asylum seekers–and the volunteers who welcome them–congregate. Photo: Paul Jeffrey / WCC

If you are interested please contact us to let us know; you should also register your interest on

To find out if there are any local refugee welcome groups, aid groups or refugee/migrant forums check out our actions with my neighbourhood page. You might also want to ask your local authority if there are any refugees from Syria who are living in the area and if there is anything you and your faith community can do to welcome them.

If you are in Glasgow you might want to support some of the existing projects which work with and alongside asylum seekers and refugees.

If you have been refused an asylum claim or if you work with destitute asylum seekers, the DASS (Destitute Asylum Seeker Service) is a Glasgow-based partnership of organisations, working with refused asylum seekers in Scotland. Using a model of holistic support, they offer a range of services to address people’s needs and enable them to make informed choices about their situation. For more information see this DASS information leaflet published January 2016. [2.22MB]

If you are outwith Glasgow, you may wish to support Glasgow-based projects financially; around 3,000 asylum seekers and their families are based in the city.