West Dunbartonshire

West Dunbartonshire – Syrian Resettlement

The Council is seeking to work in partnership with the communities and people of West Dunbartonshire to help with welcome and integration; people know their areas and social networks, and can help to ensure that resettlement adds to their communities and lives as much as it can, and help provide safety and stability.

If you are interested in supporting integration work please email Liz.Deans@west-dunbarton.gov.uk.

West Dunbartonshire Supports Refugees

West Dunbartonshire Supports Refugees is a community group organised through Facebook, where they discuss and organise fundraising events within West Dunbartonshire for the Migrant Offshore Aid Station and Edinburgh Direct Aid, in support of the refugee crisis. They are also committed to setting up support for refugees who will be re-homed in our area.

For information, visit the Facebook group.

Isaro Social Integration Network

Isaro is a West Dunbartonshire charity which works for a safe and healthy multi-culturally enriched community where people from different backgrounds live together in harmony through mutual understanding. They aim to promote the building of a safe and enriched community through social and cultural integration, advancement of education and sustainable employment.  Their work includes:

  • Inter-cultural activities and celebrations to provide participants from minority ethnic groups with opportunities to experience and enhance their understanding of the Scottish culture and also share their own cultures.
  • Programmes for young people providing a variety of activities within a safe and supportive environment to help build social skills and networking opportunities.
  • Drop-in services for adults and young people aiming to provide information, advice and workshops on various topics and issues.

To find out more how you can engage or support Isaro Social Integration Network, visit their website or find them on Facebook.

There is currently no City of Sanctuary group in West Dunbartonshire.  If you would be interested in forming a group please let us know to see if we can help.

News from West Dunbartonshire

27 November 2015 – Council announces new collection points for donated goods for refugees

12 October 2015 – West Dunbartonshire Council reports on local engagement and partnership to respond to refugee crisis

18 September 2015 – West Dunbartonshire Council agrees to support refugees

16 September 2015 Clydebank Post – new group formed to support refugees