Shetland Supports Refugees

Shetland Supports Refugees recently had to shut down. If you have any updates on this or would like to tell us about community work to help refugees. Please let us know.

Shetland Solidarity with Refugees

Shetland Solidarity with Refugees is a community group organised through a Facebook page which seeks to provide a coordinated platform for folk in Shetland who wish to support refugees, with an immediate focus on the Calais refugee crisis.

There is currently no City of Sanctuary group in Shetland.  If you would be interested in forming a group please let us know to see if we can help.

Shetland Inter Faith

Shetland Inter Faith is a charity which aims to:

  • work together as people of faith for a just and inclusive Shetland
  • help build and maintain good relations and greater understanding between different communities of faith and belief
  • encourage the sharing of knowledge and understanding of faith and belief among the people of Shetland
  • provide a forum for discussion on faith issues of mutual concern
  • support, within a faith context, the integration of ethnic minorities into Shetland society
    act as a body for consultation by statutory and other bodies who are seeking the views of people of the different faiths in Shetland.

And works on:

  • organising and promoting inter faith activities, aiming to facilitate the sharing of faith celebrations
  • organising religious, social and educational events which are open to members and the general public
  • offering assistance and support to individual faiths represented in the organisation
  • representing the agreed views of the members to relevant public and voluntary sector bodies
  • organising and disseminating information about each faith to support public harmony, love and mutual understanding
  • liaison with local government departments and agencies with a view to furthering our objectives.

Shetland Inter Faith are also on Facebook.

News from Shetland

14 July 2016 – Shetland Islands Council presented with painting from Shetland Supports Refugees.

20 June 2016 Shetland News – Shetland Solidarity with Refugees aid reaches Calais.

17 June 2016 – Migrants: A Shetland Response, an event held at Lerwick Baptist Church as part of Refugee Festival Scotland raised £667.

6 Nov 2015 Shetland News – story on future possibility of hosting Syrian refugees.

September 2015 – article ‘Shetland digs deep for refugees’