Highland Refugee Response

Highland Refugee Response is being co-ordinated by the Highland Third Sector Interface (HTSI).  They expect Highland to receive 25-30 Syrian refugees in 2016.  Plans and preparation for housing and other facilities, including social work, education and public health, are currently underway with Highland Council and their partners.

The HTSI is inputting into this process and will be helping to co-ordinate a voluntary based support for the families.

If you want to get involved or would like to offer something please visit their webpage or email refugee@highlandtsi.org.uk with the following details:

  • Your Name
  • What you are offering or the skill set you have
  • The time you have available
  • Other contact information

The Highlands Supports Refugees

The Highlands Supports Refugees is a community group which collects money and donated goods and delivers them to refugee centres in France, Serbia, Greece and the Middle East.  They have a network of donation points across the Highland area.  They also aim to:

  • promote awareness of the refugee crisis in Europe across the Highlands and Islands and to change public perception of the crisis
  • bring people together across the Highlands to provide practical support and to combat the refugee crisis in Europe
  • help in providing support to refugees who are re-settled in the Highlands and Islands and across the rest of Scotland and the UK.

For more information visit their website.  They also have a Facebook group.

Highland Multicultural Friends

Highland Multicultural Friends are a charity based in Inverness which aims to promote racial and religious equality within the host and minority ethnic communities locally, understanding and celebrating the rich cultural diversity that makes up the Highland population. They are a point of contact and a network of support for families and individuals, especially from minority ethnic backgrounds, living within the area – and members of the host society who share their vision are also welcome. Through their work they hope to build confidence and self empowerment, leading to increased inclusion. Highland Multicultural Friends provide:

  • friendship and support groups centred round shared interests and needs
  • information on local service provision and various minority ethnic groups within the area
  • opportunities to celebrate and share each other’s cultural heritage, with a commitment to encouraging greater integration within the host community
  • opportunities for cultural exchange and awareness-raising with the host community. They organise and participate in a variety of events including schools and community groups.

For further information visit the Highland Multicultural Friends website.  They also have a Facebook page.

There is currently no City of Sanctuary group in Highland.  If you would be interested in forming a group please let us know to see if we can help.

Skye Faiths Together

Skye Faiths Together is an inter faith group on the island.  Contact information and recent news and events can be found on their section of the Interfaith Scotland website.

Inverness Inter Faith Group

Inverness Inter Faith Group seeks to bring people of faith together for dialogue and action.  They aim to:

  • Encourage people of all faiths and beliefs to come together to develop good relations and to share knowledge in order to promote greater mutual understanding.
  • Work together to break down barriers of discrimination and prejudice through the development of inter-faith dialogue and the celebration of religious diversity.
  • Develop links with local statutory bodies, community groups and other inter-faith groups.
  • Provide a forum for discussion on faith issues, or on issues of mutual concern from a faith perspective.
  • Promote inter-faith work at local community events.
  • Support Scottish Inter Faith week.

Inverness Inter Faith Group seek to do this by:

  • Promoting inter-faith work to the general public through public talks, exhibitions and social activities.
  • Organising religious, social and educational events such as annual picnics and Scottish Inter Faith Week activities.
  • Increasing the understanding of members through sharing knowledge of the diverse faiths in Inverness and surrounding area.
  • Liaison with inter-faith groups in other areas.
  • Representing an inter-faith view, on behalf of members, to public agencies and other bodies.

Contact information and details of news and events can be found on the Inverness Inter Faith Group page on the Interfaith Scotland website.

News from Highland

20 May 2016 Press and Journal – story about community event in Alness

10 May 2016 – Highland Council confirms imminent arrival of Syrian refugees

3 February 2016 – Highland Council update on refugee welcome plans

7 September 2015 – Highland Council leader welcomes new support for refugees