Fife Council – Syrian Resettlement

Fife Council is working with voluntary groups and statutory agencies to support the resettlement of Syrian families.  They have published an information page on their website, along with Frequently Asked Questions and a list of local charities that are involved.  Fife Council are currently seeking offers of assistance with accommodation – if you can help please call 03451 55 55 55 Ext 440644.  If you would like to volunteer, look at opportunities on the Fife Centre for Equalities website.

Fife Welcomes Refugees

Fife Welcomes Refugees is an initiative of Fife Migrants Forum, a local charity.  Fife Welcomes Refugees is organised through Facebook. 

Fife Migrants Forum volunteered their expertise to coordinate Fife’s response to the refugee crisis and to ensure refugees coming to live in Fife will receive a very warm welcome. They feel it’s their duty as the local charity who support the integration of people from many different backgrounds and to take forward the Fife Welcomes Refugees initiative. They will be working together with:

  • Fife Council
  • Fife Refugee Collection
  • Jewels of Islam
  • Fife Interfaith Group
  • ..and many more

Please let them know if you would like to get involved by contacting them through Facebook, or email:, or phone: 01592 642 927.

Fife Refugee Collection

Fife Refugee Collection is a voluntary group organised through Facebook which arranges collection for donated goods for refugees in Europe and around Syria.

Citizens UK – #RefugeesWelcome

Citizens UK have a local #RefugeesWelcome contact and co-ordinator: Joanna Zawadzka.  To get in touch to offer support with advocacy and community organising; email Joanna at

There is currently no City of Sanctuary group in Fife.  If you would be interested in forming a group please let us know to see if we can help.

Fife Interfaith Group

Fife Interfaith Group aims to bring together people of all faiths in Fife, in recognition of the value of faith and diversity in society.  They seek to appreciate similarities, respect differences and learn about one another. In this way they hope to develop strong and positive links and relationships between people of all generations from different faiths and cultures, for peace, harmony and the long term benefit of the community.  Fife Interfaith Group was established to advance public knowledge and mutual understanding of the teachings, traditions and practices of the different faith communities in Fife. This will include awareness of their distinctive features, respect for each other’s faith, their common grounds and to promote good relations between persons of different religious faiths.  To do this, the group:

  • provides information about different faiths
  • provides a forum for discussion between the Group members
  • raises funds and receives contributions from any person or body who supports the aims of their group
  • works with local authorities for projects which will promote integration, diversity, tolerance, respect and good relationship between communities of different faiths living in Fife
  • works with other national and international organisations, which have shared aims and visions

Details and contact information can be found on the Fife Interfaith Group website and the Fife page of the Interfaith Scotland website.

News from Fife

19 May 2016 – Fife Centre for Equalities BIG sale to raise funds for refugee resettlement

17 September 2015 – Fife Council unanimously agrees support for refugees

11 September 2015 – Archbishop Leo Cushley, of St Andrews and Edinburgh, gives Thought for the Day on BBC Radio Scotland