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East Lothian Welcomes Refugees

East Lothian Welcomes Refugees is a voluntary group organised through Facebook to support the welcome of refugees to East Lothian.  East Lothian Council have committed to taking around 35 Syrian families in the period 2015-2020.

East Lothian Welcomes Refugees wants to work to help East Lothian Council and the charities East Lothian Foodbank and the Refugee Survival Trust.  They are also supporting the groups East Lothian Aid for Refugees and Dunbar Helps Syrians.

How can you help?

Post and share information in the Facebook group: the more support out there for those caught up in the humanitarian crisis the better.

Give. Donate. Volunteer: support the charities and organisations listed above.  Donations of items for refugees being resettled here are collected by East Lothian Aid for Refugees – they have collection points across the county.

Write cards and messages of welcome: these messages to arriving families are a really important part of their welcome, helping them settle down for their first night in their new homes. East Lothian Welcomes Refugees have information about how to do this on their Facebook page, including when families are due to arrive.  East Lothian Welcomes Refugees are also on Twitter.

East Lothian Aid for Refugees

East Lothian Aid for Refugees is a community organisation which collects money and donated goods to help refugees in Calais and in other parts of Europe.   On their website they list drop off points, lists of requested items and other ways to help.

Keep up to date with their news via their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter.

There is currently no City of Sanctuary group in East Lothian.  If you would be interested in forming a group please let us know to see if we can help.

News from East Lothian

17 May 2016 East Lothian Courier – Two families resettled in Haddington

3 Feb 2016 East Lothian Courier – First refugees from Syria set to arrive in East Lothian

27 October 2015 – East Lothian Council agrees to support refugees

10 Sept 2015 East Lothian Courier – County Opens its arms to Refugees